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Hello there.

- Advanced Placement US Government and AP US History Teacher in North Alabama.
- Radio play-by-play announcer for my school’s sports.
- I eat paleo and create my own high intensity workouts. I’ve lost over 100 pounds, and post about it on Blogspot & Pinterest.
- Speculative fiction author – The Ancient Bridge in Beyond Centauri, Service at Everyday Weirdness, Alchemy at M-Brane SF, and Wet Zone at Pill Hill Press.

- Editor and Co-Publisher of Redstone Science Fiction, a professionally-recognized online SF magazine, which is currently on hiatus.

- Coached high school football, soccer, and basketball. I was an assistant coach on a state championship football team in 1997, and head coach of an area championship soccer team in 2001.
- Have a Master’s degree in Human Performance Studies (Exercise Physiology) from The University of Alabama.
- Was the Chairman of the Board of Governors/Live-in Advisor for the Mallet Assembly Honors Program at The University of Alabama (when it was basically the only honors living option on campus) for seven years.
- Worked as a manager for Pepsico/Taco Bell
- Served as a Russian Linguist/Intel Analyst in the United States Army.
- Completed the hours, but not the thesis for a Master’s degree in History at The University of Alabama.
- Have a degree in History and Political Science from The University of Alabama.